Patients want to treat themselves in general, but the treatment is heavy which pushes to stop it, and sometimes they can believe they are cured so stop it

Patients do not want to treat themselves: at least for me, this was clearly false because it led to anxiety, and although sometimes delirium convinces people that it is good that they continue with these ideas, I think that most of the time delirium is more experienced as something to be eliminated from the mind, for disturbing good judgment rather than improving it. I believe that people often do not like to have paranoid ideas (the fear of being persecuted in an unjustified way).

After in this situation it is completely normal to try to stop the treatment especially at the beginning if you believe that you are cured, or to reduce it, because the antipsychotics of second generation are still a real scumbag for health …

… often make you unwind, can give tics, often make you sleep, can somehow make it difficult to concentrate, promote diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and maybe also promotes cancer a little because it makes you obese, since obesity is associated with more cancer.

So before judging a patient who stops or decreases his treatment, try to understand why he does this, it is possible that he does not have a critical aspect of his delirium, but it is not at all sure that this is the cause.

He may be led to think that he is cured, that he does not really have schizophrenia but that he had something else (after all he is not a doctor and does not know the definition of schizophrenia so he is not necessarily sure that he has schizophrenia from which today we do not really cure, he may hope to have another, less serious pathology).

If in addition his treatment does not work very hard (which can happen during the first months sometimes) and that during his periods out of crisis he was not too bad, then we can understand all the more that he tries to stop the treatment.

Then it is necessary to judge according to the patient's past whether it is urgent or less urgent that he resume his treatment. For example, for my case I once tried to stop the treatment because I was trying dietary supplements known to have effectiveness in schizophrenia, although I really believe that they have some effectiveness, it is not enough to stop the treatment, but they help. There was no absolute urgency for me to resume treatment, indeed in the past I have never done anything or I have never done any dangerous action against myself or others although I have remained without treatment for a very long time.

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