My brain stays activated in the background on what I’ve seen or done for a very long time after stopping that task.

Dessin stylisé de pleins de choses (creeper de minecraft, nuage, tablette de chocolat volante etc.)
Overloaded mind, I have lots of ideas in mind in the background. I realize the next morning that the night before, I was stuck on certain ideas. For example, when I did this drawing a few years ago, I remember my mind was stuck on the idea that I had to do amazing art to wow the audience.
What I describe in the title is a phenomenon that has importance in the functioning of my thinking, especially when I had no treatment but even now. I don't think it has a name, but it's important.

My brain stays activated for a very long time in the background on what I saw a few seconds or minutes before, and it can create a vicious circle where it made me think about this situation for hours. For example when I saw the zapping (it's a 5-minute show on canal + that took excerpts from other programs, one after the other, they take excerpts where we saw surprising things, often funny, or strange, watching this show, it gave me the impression that canal + made fun of these programs), we are in the context where we wait for something surprising, funny, mocking, and well for 5 minutes after seeing the zapping when I changed channels, I still had the impression that there was something funny that had to happen in the TV shows I saw. In fact, looking at the zapping, I was in the situation where all the sequences are funny, where there's something funny or ridiculous to highlight, and my brain remained in that context, in that situation.

dessin ayant une symétrie verticale fait de trait à l'encre représentant des personnages étranges
I don't know why, my super-active brain was always seeing faces in the smallest drawings, lines, tags, shapes.

For example today, often when I work the day on a project, where I say to myself every moment: I have to move forward, I have to finish it, so the next night I stay until 7am in this context, when I wake up, I am not really relaxed, I remain in the idea that we must move forward on the project, that it is very important for this or that reason. It is, very often, only the sleep from 7am to 9am that makes me forget the stress and the situation of the previous day. This idea that I stay in the background about the ideas I have, about the motivation I had, for a very long time after it stopped, is often found at home in many other things, I guess it is also the case for other schizophrenic people, I think especially in weird ideas, or I keep a belief for a few hours for example.

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