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Emotions jostle in schizophrenia

Hello, I am a former medical student. I quit a few years after starting my studies, and I suffer from schizophrenia. The goal here is to share my testimony as clearly as possible of past or present feelings.

On the la-roue.org forum my name is e884571.

My morale today is going pretty well even if it’s not perfect, for some time now I’ve been able to work a little, so I’m happy.

This site has a small audience. If you find it good, want it to work better and you have a site talking about schizophrenia, can you put a link to my site, you contact me (e884571@gmail.com) and I will put a link to your site.

Why this site on schizophrenia?

The idea here is to accompany the description of each psychiatric symptom with a testimony of my experience, my feelings during this symptom. Thus caregivers or any other reader will have an idea of ​​the feelings of patients.

There are also many misconceptions, especially among students who have not yet done an internship in psychiatry and whose lectures explain extremely poorly the experiences of these patients. These patients often passed for insane people in my college according to my feelings. This site aims to clear that up.

un rocher dans une forêt qui a un aspect de tête de mort
What's going on in the minds of people whose behavior we don't understand?

One of the great interests of these documents is to understand that behind a symptom, there are ideas, feelings, that we can understand (more or less difficult). I don’t like this contempt that I have sometimes seen towards patients with psychiatric problems. Here I show that they are humans. It can be interesting to understand the patient by talking. It’s not necessarily obvious because it can bother the patient if he’s not doing very well. About this I give explanations. Understanding him will help him with advice and it will allow him to adapt the treatment to his problems.

If you have or think you have schizophrenia.

If you have schizophrenia and you are not well at the moment, I urge you not to read these texts too much. At least as soon as you feel he’s bothering you too much, wait until you’re better before continuing. As I may have been, you may be disturbed by this kind of testimony. Of course you can read it anyway.

For people wondering if they have schizophrenia: yes there is treatment for it. Explaining your symptoms to a psychiatrist should make him prescribe a treatment that will relieve you. If you describe your symptoms well: paranoia, worries on many subjects, etc., normally he should give you treatment that takes care of the problems. I created this article that allows you to self-diagnose: Do I have schizophrenia? (in french)

It was after very many years that I managed to have a synthetic vision of my symptoms, even today at 40 years old I sometimes continue to understand new things.

I invite you to really read some articles that I find very interesting:

  • If you are a caregiver:

“Message for nursing students, or everyone to clarify received-ideas about schizophrenia.”

and “A summary of all these symptoms”

  • For everyone:

“Thoughts on schizophrenia, difficulties understanding others, compassion and empathy” which helps to understand empathy in general.

I realized that my site does not highlight my main ideas:
• Explain the main lines of my feelings when I was very badly or moderately badly.
• For me schizophrenia can only be an exacerbation of normal brain phenomena, sometimes extreme exacerbations that make people feel insane.
• It is a global disorder of the brain, all functions are likely to be affected. Suddenly the hypothesis of the hormone of awakening too high throughout the body in the schizophrenia of Professor Jean Bernard Fourtillan seems to me quite plausible.
I’ll try to fix that.

Articles on my site:

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