une tache de peinture multicolore dans un papier plié en deux Rorschachefaisant penser au test psychologique de
Everything could remind me of sex, my libido was so intense, it was unbearable.

Sexuality was something really disturbing, even though my sexual fantasies were super intense. I dreaded approaching the girls, and I felt guilty about it as if I had to force myself to approach them when deep down I was really stunned by their presence and their judgment that I imagined on me.

deux oursins qui se disent bonjour sur une plage de Corse
The approach of teenagers in need of sex!

Afterwards, anyway I would have been uncomfortable in the presence of a girl, but I felt guilty for not approaching the girls anyway, that it was the big dummies, the poor guys who did not have a girlfriend, except at 19 years old and for a few months, otherwise I did not have girlfriends, and I felt it as a serious shame, a weight. It was something that I felt for a very long time, long after the beginning of my treatment, having seen this in other boys, I think it's quite widespread, even if it's less intense than it was in my home.

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