Symptoms reduced but still present

The symptoms that persisted in me despite the treatments were as follows:

  • I did not dare to say exactly what I thought when someone thought differently from me, I was timid, for fear of getting angry or hurt, I did not dare to oppose, this happened following the taking of Bactrim.
  • I was afraid of being considered a very strange guy, and I was afraid of being frowned upon on many things, for a moment if in a conversation we talked about homosexuality, I was afraid of passing for homosexual and I felt the obligation to justify myself (in reality there were many other things on which I feared to be badly seen that the 'homosexuality, but I don't all remember it), it also happened after bactrim.
  • I didn't understand jokes, I was intimidated if someone made a joke to me, being afraid of looking like an idiot if I didn't answer well, and I didn't understand people's reactions, I think there was less intonation in my voice and my tone was flat. It reminded me of Asperger's autism, I also had a score from an Asperger autism test very close to Asperger's autism. Following Bactrim all these symptoms came back in order and the score of the autism test even put me better than the average of the general population.
  • I was quite paranoid, and I still am a little to worry about maybe too much about the state of the current democracy, even if given the number of people who worry about it, there may be reasons to worry.
  • I probably still have a lot of small differences with the normal, but it goes well 🙂 what continues to bother me quite a bit is that the treatments are, in my opinion, not very good for my health, given how much they make me fat.

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