amas de toiles d'araignées et d'araignées au bout d'un baton devant des marches en pierre
It's cobwebs and dead spiders tangled on the end of a stick, can we do more "dark ideas" as picture 🙁

Until very recently death and the idea of committing suicide scared me extremely, I would never have committed suicide, I was especially afraid that thinking about suicide would eventually lead me there.

I thought that people who tried to commit suicide or did, saw death as an escape, but I had never felt that way, until recently.

Following a continuous stressful period, where I was never serin, I began to tell myself that my mind would never be serene always anxious, and that it would remain painful until the end of my life, I told myself that because I found that it had been a very long time, about a year and a half, that it was like that and that it had no reason to change. I then felt death as something calm without problems, as a solution to continuous stress in the mind…

… very painful and which has no reason to stop until the end of life, death would be in this case a soothing thing finally. I just felt that, which already worried me a little, and forced me to take a few days off, I didn't go so far as to want to commit suicide, far from it, but I tell myself that it starts like this.

You have to know for those who read us that if you really consider suicide, you have to talk about it, to those around you, to the doctor, of course trying to avoid making them feel guilty, but by alerting them, and showing that you would like to be helped in this situation, that you would like to be brought a solution, friends will then be able to find solutions, whatever they may be.

une personne dans un arbre creux dans une forêt en automne
How does it feel dead? Sacred question that will influence us.

I believe that there are several steps leading to suicide (this is what I had learned in medicine), I can say something stupid, but I believe that these are the following:

  • First of all, we feel death as a possible relief to our situation.
  • Subsequently, death is considered from time to time but not seriously.
  • Subsequently, it is seriously considered frequently.
  • We are planning a suicide.
  • We take action.

You should know that you should talk about it as soon as you get too close to the last step. There are people who make many attempts, a bit like an alert message, so you have to help them at this time. Some are really planning their death.

Also for caregivers who do 24-hour guards (this practice of guards so long is just an incitement to suicides, road accidents when the caregivers return home, and medical errors on the part of the state). It can happen that one commits suicide of relief following such a guard. It is therefore necessary to strive overall not to be too much in the idea of suicide … by forcing oneself to take a minimum rest, to prevent such a thing from happening after a long guard. It happened to several friends of friends of mine.

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