Create impossible scenarios

dessin qui semble représenter une statue africaine
It's one of my drawings, it looks like an African statuette, the ones that often have charms. I was also very easily very afraid of demonic superstitions.
It often happened to me as a child to imagine myself in a scenario where it was necessary to act to save oneself in an impossible situation, like this scenario:

And if a crevice grew and if we had to step over it to save ourselves, not to die, but if it was already too big, that we would have had to react before. Since I imagined this scenario as almost real at the moment I imagined it, and I didn't want to accept that I die if I stayed on the other side of the crevasse, then I replayed the scenario in a loop.

The fact of blocking on a situation without solution to seek endlessly a solution, remains one of my characteristics today, being adult and cared for.

As another scenario, I could tell myself: what if I had to choose if one person should suffer instead of another, and if. As if the situation really presents itself, or at least that it is really likely to arise. That was when I was without a medoc. It is surely a little normal to imagine such a thing when you are young, situations that could happen, to try to find how to act, so, if such a situation happens to us we are already a little prepared, evolution has favored this kind of idea for young people to prepare to react in possible situations, however, in my case, I imagined crazy scenarios, like and whether I had to choose between the death of my father or my mother and it tortured me!

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