ADHD – being very susceptible to punishment

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I think I had and still have a bit of ADHD (attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity), that I had it a lot before.

ADHD consists, for me, in having the attention that is blocked at every moment towards something more attractive than the current boring task.

I take a simple example, before if I had to do my homework or now in a period where I am distracted if I have to work for a long time, or do a mandatory task, I will force myself to do it, and psychically I will feel obliged non-stop to do it, to never stop, and like the interest of doing homework, to do the housework, to work for a long time gives a reward that seems to me no more interesting than that and that will happen in a long time, so I saturate and I do not feel the interest in doing this task. And since my mind tends to always stay in the same context, I create an obsession with having to succeed in my task, an obsession that is painful (I explain this tendency to stay focused on the same thing in this chapter:My brain remains activated in the background on what I have seen or done for a very long time after stopping this task.

That's when the urge to take your phone to watch a video or go on Facebook, or play the computer will take me and will be intense, and there, the reward is much faster and allows me to escape much more, on Youtube and Facebook, there are fun and surprising things that make me think of something other than this obligation to work and video games give me an impression of intense victory when I win who it really attracts me and for some games, they allow me to explore a world, which is distracting too. So I waste my time on nonsense, and I can really have a lot of trouble concentrating.

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I am also writing this chapter to clarify a point I have seen in children who are suspected of having ADHD: the nervousness they have when they are cheered up which is a common symptom of ADHD, and the scathing response to their parents in those moments.

I remember that when I was being cheered up, I felt deeply humiliated, as if I was an idiot for doing this, as if we were taking the psychological advantage and feeling superior to less by lecturing me, I was embarrassed and humiliated at those times, it annoyed me to be done this, it was unfair, but since I'm nice I didn't respond badly, but the anger was there.

I believe that this child with ADHD who responded badly felt this way, when I explained to him that I scolded him first to explain why not do this before wanting to humiliate him, and that indeed it is good to explain in a neutral tone rather than condescending instead of scolding, and that indeed no one should humiliate others, and that I too felt humiliation when I was scolded, I think then that he understood it a little, and it has improved the situation it seems to me.

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