Unmotivated laughter

photo du joker qui force son sourire avec ses doigts
The crazy laugh of the Joker, (I am not the author of this image).

I remember that during the college period, it happened to me very often to be in situations where I laughed alone, where I imagine that a psychiatrist could have said that I had unmotivated laughter.

I was afraid that I would look very stupid and that I would be taken for a madman, but each time a crazy idea made me laugh.

I remember one particular episode where, like the other episodes, I couldn't hold back from laughing, without being able to explain to others the reason for what made me laugh, because it was shameful in my idea to think about it:

dessin d'un singe au crayon à papier
We are the only animals that know how to laugh, why? maybe because it allows you to escape from time to time stress due to thinking too much about always the same thing and to see things from another point of view in these moments?

It was at the pony club, around the age of 14-15, every time before we did the riding session, we had to look for his horse, brush it, prepare it and put the saddle on it, and this time, I thought of the sketch of dummies where Alain Chabat advertises for tonyglandine, my beep is concrete! I looped in my head this scene and for 20 minutes, during all the preparation of the horse I burst out laughing from time to time trying to remain discreet because I felt that I was going to pass for a madman, and it frankly bothered me to pass for a madman.

I think what was going on in my head was a hypersensitivity to feel some things as funny, here the presence of Alain Chabat who says his looking serious! 🙂

Also as my mind tends to get stuck on certain situations as I explain in another chapter, here I was stuck on the situation of this sketch. Finally I was very ashamed to think about it, because I thought that in the pony club, with these people who seem to me in quotation marks a little chic, it would have been unacceptable, shameful, unimaginable, that someone thinks of tonyglandine, my beep is concrete! This shame also contributed to my gene and the fact that it made me laugh. Also, because of this shame of these thoughts, the people who would have asked me why I was laughing would not have had the clear answer of my true reason, but I would have rather rambled: "no but it's nothing, it's a silly thing" and I would have done everything not to answer, Afraid he will find out that I was thinking of tonyglandine!

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