Some ideas I have about other diseases:

Paysages près de aix en provence avec deux vieux arbres au milieu de couloir en Pierre
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I have a friend whom I think is hysterical, he is doing well in periods, and bad at other times. I believe that he is going badly especially when he sees a lot of people for too long and he is better when he isolates himself for several days and I believe that this is a phenomenon known in hysteria.

I think that for hysteria it is possible that the person feels the look of others as mean and judging, like it is normal to behave badly towards others, it is normal to give a damn about them. And that after seeing too many people he feels like that. That afterwards it pushes him to behave badly, himself feeling cornered by the eyes judging. There is also in hysteria a lot of hypochondria and some other symptoms.

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