Lack of motivation

Photo de la mer prise d'un chemin en hauteur en Corse
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Before 2020 I had a very heavy lack of motivation, I could not make an effort, and I felt guilty, I could not make myself food, and I went to the Flunch almost every meal. This laziness has decreased following the continuous intake of a lot of vitamins, omega 3 that have an effect (light but real) in schizophrenia and the transition to solian (which is known to give motivation) rather than abilify (abilify and solian are two antipsychotics) a few months before the first confinement of covid.

I constantly had the idea that doing something, like the dishes, was going to prevent me from thinking about something important and focusing and moving me forward on my projects, I felt guilty for doing nothing. I didn't feel the point of doing the dishes, even though I felt guilty for not doing it, it accumulated in the sink.

I really got to nothing in life, except as I wanted to do important projects, it made me despair.

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