Having weird/crazy ideas doesn’t make it dangerous

dessin au feutre rouge sur une serviette en papier d'une maison, une poule d'eau, un anne à grandes oreilles
A weird drawing I made (not really related to weird ideas 🙂 ).
Yes, it can happen to have ideas, crazy intuitions, which seem very strange, it could lead to think that these patients, if for example they had the intuition that it was necessary to kill a neighbor, would end up going to kill him or that they could do any other serious acts, in reality it is not for a simple reason …

… (at least that's my point of view, but by observing people, it seems right to me), people all or almost all have a restraint in hurting others, because hurting others makes you suffer, and because you feel it is extremely serious. This restraint of hurting others is always present in schizophrenia (at least for me and for those I have met). < class="sst-nothing">For me, and in my opinion for a lot of schizophrenics this restraint, empathy and guilt towards others is often even extremely exacerbated…

While I might be extremely angry with some, I was certainly never going to hurt them.

This anger was almost no longer present from the moment I took a treatment.

Une personne perchée sur un petit rocher dans la forêt qui semble invoquer les dieux
We sometimes imagine that patients with bizarre ideas adhere to them without worry. Me they created a lot of worries, and they convinced me that half of being true, I did not want to have them.

Personally I do not really believe that we learn not to do harm, finally it is surely semi acquired semi innate. No one explained to me little that making the neighbor cry was bad yet I did not want to do it, it would have made me suffer to do it, and that even if small we often want to do forbidden, for the desire of adventure, to show that we are brave, and because it bothers us to obey perfectly the rules imposed. This conflict in us between trying to do and not wanting to do that could hurt others is proof that we are worried about hurting others, otherwise there would not be this conflict in us and we would do the without even thinking.

Even if you get caught when you do something wrong as a child, it's surely not the memory of the child punishment that pushes people not to do adult harm, but because generally, for most people, it hurts them to do harm (that's my opinion).

So I remember reading a scientific experiment carried out around 2010 that goes in this direction that humanity is innate: we put 7-month-old babies in front of a video of two plush toys, one red and one blue, the video showed that one of the two plush toys prevented the other stuffed animal from achieving its goal: bring a balloon to the top of the hill. Then those who carried out the experiment put the babies in the presence of these two stuffed animals, and then the babies almost systematically took in their arms the plush that tried to bring the balloon to the top as a blanket (whether blue or red) and never the one that prevented bringing the balloon to the top. It is a bit of a scientific proof that from a very young age, children want to do good or at least that they already have an awareness of good and evil, that is to say to help others, as we would like to be helped, and not to do harm as we would like to be done no harm.

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