From my point of view, schizophrenia is only a disruption of neurons, causing normal brain functions to be exacerbated or intensely diminished.

Another important point (this is my opinion, but with the analysis I make of my past thoughts, I think it's right)…

schizophrenics are not foolish, I think that the brain, the circuits, the positioning and the arrangement of neurons is normal, that the functions that are useful for reasoning are normal, it's just that some functions are extremely over-activated or under-activated, causing the behavior and speech of the person to appear senseless.
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I take an example: anyone (or almost) being harassed really intensely by his boss, his classmates, his colleagues, will end up seeing persecution everywhere, will have the impression that this persecution will never stop, will want revenge, and will see a sneaky attack in the slightest action of his leader, of his colleagues, etc.

In schizophrenia where often there are ideas of persecution, I think that the functions, the neural networks that activate that when there is most certainly a real persecution, here activates for just one idea that comes to mind.

So these ideas of persecution only happen when the person is long and intensely harassed in normal times (moreover this feeling has a use, it pushes the persecuted person to fart a lead, to get angry frankly against his executioners, which can scare them and fix the situation, or to flee this situation so harmful).

It is surely the evolution of species that has programmed us in this way so that we can save ourselves. Indeed when we are harassed at work, that we do not advance in our life, that so we are all the time stressed, angry, that we have depression and we lose money, and also because it can prevent us from making the right decisions in our lives, all this, on average, will surely decrease our chances of having offspring, so that people who do not have these genes that make you crazy / paranoid when you are harassed have disappeared over the generations.

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Well I think that in schizophrenia this activation of ideas of persecution is done so easily and intensely (because the neurons are frankly out of whack)… that the fear of persecution is activated for almost nothing, giving the impression that unlikely persecutions are likely.

This is a normal phenomenon greatly amplified, and can lead to the idea that aliens will come to torture us or that robots hold us in slavery in a virtual machine (as in the movie Matrix) to make us suffer because what seems totally improbable in normal times seems very likely here.

I think that for all the symptoms of schizophrenia and the majority of psychiatric pathologies, it is so, it is just a disorder, an intense exaggeration of normal functions that are activated too easily, I explain it for many other symptoms on this site.

I really felt that it was very likely that we were all locked into a computer simulation like in the Movie Matrix, although I knew that most people didn't have that idea, and that this intense fear was completely abnormal in my mind, and that there was a real chance that this scenario I imagined wasn't true.

Afterwards, even if the symptoms are really only an exacerbation of normal functions in the brain, it is still necessary to give antipsychotic treatment before doing psychotherapy. I think we can discuss, but having a discussion with a schizophrenic person without treatment will not cure him (this is what I have heard in medicine, and from my experience, it is clearly true) and this kind of discussion although it can change a little bit of ideas for a while will end quickly, in my opinion to disturb her more than to help her.

By dint of accumulating ideas and impressions that are there expressed more intensely than in normal times that go in one direction, we deviate from the ideas commonly accepted in the population, yet the brain can be the same, but a biological disorder, I think, can be well reversible, could quite explain this by favoring certain impressions and ideas to the point of ending up totally out of step with the opinion Medium.

Another example: the idea that there could be people who can stay in the air or do telekinesis, some will be led to think that it is foolish to think that, well I will explain here that a normal brain can think this provided …

… that some ideas and impressions are just a little exacerbated, to understand what I am going to explain here, one just needs to have a minimum of ability to understand what others may think and feel:

You certainly think that to rise in the air is impossible because the laws of physics prevent this, you think that because you think that the law of gravity and the other laws are so and absolutely cannot change, that an effect always has the same consequences, because maybe you are somehow Cartesian, but if we think carefully we can ask ourselves, basically, if we are totally sure that the laws of physics are indeed immutable, that the law of gravity can not be taken in default (indeed in physics several laws have been put in default, and were only approximations of reality), that necessarily they are laws that govern physical phenomena and not rather something supernatural that regulates all this. By reflex I tend to think that the laws of physics are immutable, that it is they who rule the world. At the moment, I will be unable to think that it is possible that people can stay in the air thanks to their concentration, but I have known a person thinking this, and we must recognize that if we forget the physical laws, which after all nothing proves to be true (because indeed the world in which we live may be a simulation by a clever mind), apart from the fact that we are afraid that they are false and that our beliefs collapse, we must recognize that in this case, staying in the air by thought is possible.

If in addition the person who thinks this has the impression that it is good that people have supernatural forces like flying in the air, that this is a good thing, because for example these people could save the world from its misfortunes, then we will tend to want to believe that yes, people know how to stay in the air thanks to thought. Indeed, these ideas that the world necessarily always rests on the same physical laws is a subjective idea (indeed nothing proves that we are not in a world simulated by an evil mind that makes us believe that physical laws exist, after all, why this hypothesis could not be right), and if the brain wants to believe that these laws of physics exist or on the contrary that these laws of physics do not exist, one can arrive at radically opposite conclusions making others look crazy.

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To tell the truth, everything is subjective, if our emotions push us to feel something strongly, there is always a way that we take into account that the arguments in favor of this impression and that we do not think about the arguments against it.

Having an impression of something, for example having the impression that the neighbor who did not answer us when we said hello hates us, causes the fact that certain ideas will be born in us more easily, so we will not have in mind the ideas in favor that this person just did not hear what he was told. In psychosis it is the same except that the impressions are extremely intense, and block the appearance of ideas against delirium strongly, however many patients realize that in their mind it is wrong even if the intense impression remains present.

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